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After the shipment of the package, you can track the on-the-way status shown in the order information section of your account by using the "logistics tracking" feature.

You may log into your J's Luxury Fashion account to view the real-time delivery status shown in "My Order"-"Order Details".

For certain express delivery company, the logistics information shown by the system will be on a slight delay. For instance, if the order has been indicated as shipped, but provides no delivery information, please wait for about 24 hours before you see relevant information, or you may directly click on the official website of the logistics company on the page to learn about the real-time logistics status of the order. 


Please note that:

Always check if there is any sign indicating that the sealing tape has ever been removed and re-applied.

Check if there is any damage, leakage or missing to the packing of the package.

In case of the above situation, it is recommended that you contact us as soon as possible and take photos for recording before sending them to our customer service staff, so that we can hold the logistics express company accountable.