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Delivery Methods

1. Hong Kong warehouse: Expected delivery within 3-7 working days from the date that the warehouse receives the order. Hong Kong and Macau can be delivered within 2-3 working days. Other areas are expected to be delivered within 5-18 working days due to the impact of customs declaration and other factors.

2. Oversea warehouse: Expected delivery within 7-21 working days from the date that the warehouse receives the order. 

J's Luxury Fashion chooses and cooperates with professional logistics companies leading the world, including DHL, Hong Kong Speedpost, and S.F. Express. 

Once the product is shipped, J's will not accept your refusal to receive the product. Except for damage to the packing or the product due to the reasons of the logistics company, a refusal will result in a full deduction of the payment. 


Policies on pick-up at the Hong Kong outlet

1.          We provide you with an optional pick-up date at the outlet within up to 30 days after the payment.

2.          After you have reserved the date for pick-up at the outlet, we will remove the product you have paid for from the shelf for your due inspection and pick-up. In case you are unable to duly arrive at the outlet for pick-up, you can contact us for a re-arrangement.

3.          In case you are unable to duly arrive at the outlet for pick-up without contacting us in time for a re-arrangement, we have the right to reshelf the product and cancel your order as needed, and the payment will not be returned.

4.          In case the product has been put back on the shelf, but not sold yet, as you arrive at the outlet later than the appointment date, you may still choose to inspect and complete the transaction.

5.          Hong Kong Pick-up Station:

J's Luxury Fashion


Tel.: 852-5548-9170

I.          Pick-up process

1.          In case you have submitted a pick-up order to J's Luxury Fashion, the order status indicating "Ready for pick-up" or receiving the notification through a message or an email means that you can go to the corresponding site for pick-up (in case of other order status, please do not come for pick-up).

2.          Please provide order confirmation email upon arrival.

3.          After the customer signs to receive the product, please refer to the inspection and receipt instructions for specific standards.