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LIROSA Natural Grapefruit Flavor Body Essential Oil LIROSA Natural Grapefruit Flavor Body Essential Oil
-36 %
^Edit notes:This grapefruit flavor body oil uses natural grapefruit essential oil from Japan, combined with natural plant extracts such as sweet almond oil, macadamia nut seed oil, etc. to make body skin soft and moisturized, and slow down fine lines and other signs of aging. At the same time e..
HK$288.00 HK$450.00
LIROSA Natural gel cream--150G LIROSA Natural gel cream--150G
-33 %
^Edit notes:This smart ALL IN ONE gel cream with self-introducing effect of this water cream is a universal all-in-one cream that combines lotion, beauty lotion, lotion, essence, base, moisturizing mask, exfoliating cream, body cream, etc. , It can effectively promote the healthy repair from th..
HK$369.00 HK$549.00
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