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Return Policy

I.          Service commitments

The product sold by J's Luxury Fashion is directly purchased from overseas, thus not supporting the return of goods. In case of any product quality issues, the customer can submit a return application within 7 days after the receipt, and we will appoint professional after-sales personnel for after-sales service. If the submitted application for returning an order is approved, we will refund so long as the product is returned to the warehouse and passes the identification.


Could I reject to receive the product I've purchased at J's Luxury Fashion?

Given that each of the products of J's Luxury Fashion is directly purchased from overseas, rejection to receive the product is not supported. If you arbitrarily reject to receive the product without the consent of the merchant, any losses caused by missing or damage during the return and shipment process shall be at your own risk. Please understand.


In case that I've completed the payment, the product has not been shipped, and there is a "Cancel Order" button following the order. Why would my cancellation application be rejected?

As it is a cross-border order, the information concerned will be directly pushed to the customs' system for customs clearance and approval, and therefore, any order under or passing customs clearance shall not be canceled. The cancellation application submitted by you will be reviewed by the merchant according to customs clearance status. Please understand


In case of a return, who shall assume the freight charges incurred?

J's Luxury Fashion does not support the return of goods without reasons within 7 days for now. In case of a return due to quality issues, damage or missing parts during the shipment, or inconsistence with the description of the product, no freight costs will be charged.


If I am not satisfied with the product, could I apply for an exchange?

Due to strict customs regulations, the product sold by J's Luxury Fashion does not support exchanging.


II.         General return rules

1.          Return explanations:

1)         A return application shall be filed within 7 days from the next day following the receipt of the product. (It shall depend on the actual arrival date indicated on the logistics platform of the company delivering the order)

2)         The product has not been used with the original package of the manufacturer intact, and relevant accessories (parts) are complete;

3)         The surface of the product and relevant accessories (parts) is free of scratches, wear (damage), bumps, or traces of use or disassembly.

4)         Any labels or other anti-counterfeiting measures have not been are not revealed, torn, modified or altered (if any);

5)         The gifts are not missing or damaged.


2.          In case any of the following conditions occurs, return or exchange of the product will be considered as unacceptable:

1)         There is any deformation, damage and breakage to the J's Luxury Fashion anti-counterfeiting hangtag, which have resulted in inconsistence with the original one.

2)         Any of the identification, packaging, hangtag, product card, instructions, invoice, gifts and accessories of the product is missing.

3)         There are any quality issues caused by improper use and storage.

4)         The product has been used, washed, soiled or damaged.

5)         There are any product quality issues caused by unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid inlet, accident, alteration, or improper installation, and tearing or alteration of labels, machine serial number or anti-counterfeiting mark.

6)         The product, which has lost its accessories or warranty card, or fails to match with the main component, shall not be returned;

7)         The product images and information indicated on the web page serve for reference only. The color difference between the physical product and the publicity pictures on the web page, which may arise from shoot lights or monitors, is not a quality issue for approving a return;

8)         If the reason for a return given by the customer is not correct, which instead is caused by the gap between the customer's personal ability or use environment and product properties, the return shall not be approved;

9)         The return of other products that do not support a return in accordance with the law or these rules shall not be approved;

10)        There is any wear due to use.


3.          Tips:

1)         If an after-sales application is not submitted within 7 days after the receipt, the order will automatically be completed, in which case, your return application will not be accepted anymore.

2)         If J's Luxury Fashion fails to receive the returned package within two weeks from the date of accepting the return application, the after-sales application will automatically be cancelled, and the order will be automatically completed.

3)         If the product is directly returned to the website before the application for return is approved by the customer service staff, the website will not be responsible for its custody, re-shipment and refund, and has the right to dispose the detained product, if necessary.

4)         Pictures and information are for reference only, which shall not constitute quality issues. There may be a color difference between the physical product and the publicity pictures on the web page, which may arise from shoot lights or monitors. Everything is subject to the physical product.

5)         In case of a return due to the customer's reason, any freight charges incurred will be assumed by the customer. In case of a return due to product quality or process issues, after being confirmed by quality inspection, you may call the customer service staff to apply for reimbursing the freight charges.

6)         For the purpose of safeguarding the interests of consumers, there is a "J's anti-counterfeit hangtag" (an anti-counterfeiting tag with the logo of J's Luxury Fashion) attached to each of its products. After receiving a product, please check the tag carefully before tearing it down, or else a return will not be approved.