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1. "No Fakes" guarantee: All products sold by us are all genuine. All products purchased by customers online are genuine and brand new, and will undergo strict inspection before delivery. 

2. All products are of parallel import. 

3. All confirmed and paid orders are not subject to any change or cancellation. 

4. J's Luxury Fashion is not responsible for damage complaints after receipt.

5. J's Luxury Fashion is not responsible for any maintenance or damage of items.

6. In the event of any disputes, J's Luxury Fashion reserves the right of final decision.

7. All photos on are taken and owned by J's Luxury Fashion. 

8. When the product is photographed, there may be some color difference, so the actual color is subject to the received product.

9. Why are there no QR codes for J's Luxury Fashion commodities? 

At present, not all overseas commodities are provided with QR code, so it is subject to the actually received commodity. 
10. Why can't the QR code on J's Luxury Fashion commodities be read? 

Because the design of the QR code of overseas commodity is different from that in China, the QR code may not be read via domestic scanning software. If you have any questions, please contact the official customer service personnel of the brand or consult the commodity counter. 
11. How can I check the delivery status of J's Luxury Fashion order? 

You can log onto your J's Luxury Fashion account and check the production and delivery of your order in real time on "My Order" page. As some third-party express companies' logistics information system display may be slightly delayed, you can directly query the real-time order logistics status via the official website of the logistics company if the order has been displayed in the delivery status, but no logistics information display. Precautions: 1. When you sign and receive the commodity, please check the commodity in the presence of the courier. 2. Please carefully check the express package for damage, leakage, shortage and other phenomena. If so, we suggest that you contact the seller as soon as possible, take photos for archiving, and send the photos to the seller's customer service personnel to wait for the handling by the seller. 
12. I haven't received any delivery status update after placing the order on J's Luxury Fashion for over 3 working days, what happened? 

Your order is delivered via overseas direct mail. It is recommended that you wait patiently. Under normal circumstances, overseas direct mail orders will be delivered within 72 hours after you upload the correct identity information. Notes: Working days exclude Saturdays, Sundays or statutory holidays. 
13. Why hasn't the logistics information on your page been updated even after I have received the commodity? 

Some third-party express companies' logistics information system display may be delayed. Please understand.